1979 Anniversary Run 15K Results

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Sunday December 30, 1979 at 11:00 AM

Annapolis Striders First Anniversary Run

Leaders Go Off Course; Eden Prevails

Race Report by Mike Van Beuren

Over 200 people entered and 192 finished this 15 kilometer race celebrating the Striders’ first year of existence. Runners were greeted by warm temperatures and light breezes as they negotiated the many turns on this out-and-back through the Naval Academy grounds.

Although club show-offs, such as myself, thought they had a chance to walk way with the “holiday cheer” awarded as prizes, those fantasies were quickly dispelled by post entrants Scott Eden, Dan Rincon,  & Mark Johnson.

Eden, Rincon, and Johnson disappeared quickly as soon as the starters pistol sounded leaving the rest of us to our “personal” victories. Rincon, the two-time Annapolis 10-miler victor, led Eden, former Marine Corps Marathon champion, at 5 and half miles. But as they crossed a bridge they were misdirected by a well-meaning spectator. It was a few moments before the pace bicycle realized their absence and chased them down. And since Eden was not as far off-course as Rincon, he gained an edge that turned out to be the winning margin.

In the Women’s divisions Sue Crowe overpowered Marge Rosasco. Both took age group awards.

The might duo of John and Priscilla Butterfield salvaged our club’s pride by sweeping the Masters division and Jim Delp took the Men’s 30-39 age group as a new Strider.

Results and race report taken from Vol. 2 Issue 1 of the Streak. If you see a transcription error, please inform the webmaster.

1Scott Eden46:09
2Dan Rincon47:58
3Mark Johnson48:25
4Scott Paris52:08
5Mike Van Beuren 52:09
6Steve Hull52:28
7John Butterfield52:SS
8Jim Delp53:00
9Mark Norton54:01
10Larry Noll54:24
11Ron Niblett54:32
12William Quillen54:53
13Mike Keelty55:17
14Dwain Thomas55:24
15Rich Schmidt55:34
16Sue Crowe55:52
17Earl Price56:06
18Bob Bums56:19
19Mike Sheedy56:32
20Larry Dragon56:46
21Marge Rosasco56:46
22James Lovell57:14
23Myron Gampbell57:22
24Rodney Travis57:26
25Bob Crowe57:46
26Steve Rosasco57:51
27Earl Keicher57:53
28Ron Isbell58:19
29James Black58:24
30Nathan Betnun59:12
31Ray Harrison59:16
32Al Kubelnis59:21
33Dan Sayner59:24
34Chuck Walsh59:26
35Daniel Stroncak59:34
36Tillman Johnson59:44
37Joe Duffy59:49
38Merle Maffei59:53
39Karl Van Allen1:00:04
40Herb LeMoyne1:00:21
41John Peterson1:00:32
42Norm Lee1:00:38
43Don Rosenshine1:00:44
44Randy Fox1:00:48
45Demetrios Fotos1:01:00
46T D Meteer1:01:04
47Bryan Ball1:01:13
48 Richard Kittrell1:01:22
49Ron Fisher1:01:44
50Donald Waddington1:01:54
51John Lewis1:02:00
52Gary Ihlin1:02:02
53Gary Jones1:02:09
54Enser Cole1:02:13
55Bill Schuler1:02:38
56W J Kitchen Jr.1:02:38
57Phil Staller1:02:39
58Jeff Zehe1:02:39
59Steve Steele1:02:51
60Tim Dahle1:03:16
61Garland Green1:03:21
62Kenneth Shaffer1:03:25
63Michael Powell1:03:50
64A C Havill1:03:57
65Tom O’Neill1:04:07
66Martin Snider1:04:1
67Gif Munger1:04:21
68Bill Kost1:04:24
69Joseph Fonroso1:04:50
70Michael McNew1:04:53
71 Robert Pastrana 1:04:53
72Edwin Polk1:05:02
73 Terry Druffel1:05:05
74 Warren Cooper1:05:14
75Ken Dreyfuss1:05:23
76Ed Pogue1:05:25
77Morris Paschall1:05:30
78 Walt Strond 1:05:49
79Douglas Early1:06:03
80David Lester1:06:18
81Bill Law1:06:27
82Franklin Smith1:07:06
83Ty Giesemann1:07:10
84H Donald DeLude1:07:53
85Norman Nice1:07:54
86Doug Burkhardt1:07:55
87Walt Eilers1:08:04
88Fred Betz1:08:11
89Linda Casalino1:08:22
90Gill Cochran1:08:22
91John Gudas1:08:38
92Torben Hansen1:08:40
93John Apgar1:08:44
94Hugh Williams1:09:02
95Earle Myers1:09:07
96Robert Leichtman1:09:18
97Rick Price1:09:31
98Jim Colsh1:09:31
99Fred Jacoby1:09:32
100Ben Moore 1:09:33
101Priscilla Butterfield 1:09:41
102Larry Sullivan1:10:02
103Charles Gore1:10:51
104 O W Pratt1:10:56
105W E White1:11:10
106Martin Paul1:11:24
107Dianne Dulin 1:11:38
108Carl Wright1:11:43
109Stephen McManus1:12:02
110Martin Rosenberg1:12:06
111Robert Bohan 1:12:06
112William Greene 1:12:22
113Thomas Kalnoske 1:12:47
114John Davies 1:12:50
115Joseph Egozcur1:13:09
116James Crowley 1:13:13
117Jill Mottus1:13:30
118Ding Brannan1:13:33
119Jim Storey1:13:37
120Allan Segree1:13:47
121Win Dunwell1:12:55
122Wayne Reno1:13:55
123Daniel Smith 1:14:30
124Joe Flannery1:14:48
125John Kurpjuweit 1:14:58
126Bill Bodziak1:14:59
127Jack Jones 1:15:14
128John Kloster 1:15:18
129Jerry Anruedo 1:15:23
130Doug Raper 1:16:22
131Barbara Maffei 1:16:30
132Larry Levy 1:16:30
133 Steve Turner 1:16:47
134Jay Cox1:16:51
135Rick Welch1:16:56
136Don Goodwin 1:16:59
137Michael McAusland1:17:06
138Dean Powell1:17:25
139Tina Gardner 1:17:33
140Branin Thorn 1:18:00
141Leonard Cohen 1:18:44
142Robert Frierson 1:18:48
143William Bryson1:18:57
144Liz Barclay 1:19:07
145Dottie Campbell 1:19:14
146Rick Krewson 1:19:52
147Martin Steinberg1:20:06
148Joan Coble 1:20:38
149Jim Barringer 1:20:42
150Steven Siegel 1:20:45
151Liz Ball1:21:15
152Betty Moore 1:21:15
153Charles Cadell1:21:16
154Dave Ryan1:21:16
155John MacLean1:21:36
156Mary McKinney 1:22:12
157Bart Shortall 1:22:40
158Ken Thorn1:22:44
160Allen Stallings1:23:05
161Jim Magliano1:23:46
162Doug Jovan1:23:58
163Jim Sandison1:24:25
164Jayne Astle 1:24:41
165John Astle1:24:42
166Harris Marx 1:24:42
167Chester Baum1:25:05
168Milton Ricketts1:25:21
169Timothy Sarter1:25:25
170Carol Jones1:25:49
171Daniel Milstead1:25:52
172Norma Isbell1:25:59
173Judy Taylor1:26:18
174Walter Morawski 1:27:05
175Vincent Sarter 1:28:57
176Guy Riccio1:29:20
177Joanne Barringer1:29:41
178Hugh Donald 1:29:44
179Eric Purdon1:29:45
180Joan Kludy1:30:25
181Sandy Armudo1:32:45
182Jeanne Townshend1:32:49
183Vicki Riley 1 :35:00
184Charles Watts1:37:01
185Pat Ogle 1:37:29
186Linda Fisher 1:39:32
187Linda Simpson1:40:01
188Clifford Hill 1:41:23
189Mary Gerte Spadone1:42:07
190Marie Chamberlin1:42:07
191Lisa Hillman1:42:34
192Lawrence Taylor1:42:45
Men’s OpenScott Eden46:09:00
Dan Rincon47:58:00
Mark Johnson48:25:00
Women’s OpenSue Crowe55:52:00
Marge Rosasco56:46:00
Pris Butterfield1:09:41
Men 30-39Jim Delp53:00:00
Larry Noll54:25:00
Ron Nibett54:32:00
Women 30-39Marge Rosasco56:46:00
Linda Casalino1:08:22
Barbara Maffei1:16:30
Men-Masters (40&Over)John Butterfield 52:55:00
Steve Rosasco57:51:00
James Black58:24:00
Women-Masters (40&Over)Pris Butterfield 1:09:41
Jill Mottus1:13:30
Tina Gardner1:17:33