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January 14, 2021 Issue 1
Message to Our Members
We recently conducted a survey to find out how you are and your thoughts on what you would like to see the club doing. Thank you for your participation.
There were 281 responses split almost evenly between male/female. The majority of you are doing well which makes me happy to hear. Following are some of the responses:
·        Split about 50/50 for bringing back racing & training
·        The majority are happy with socials as they are
·        91% think we are still a good value and will be renewing their membership
·        72% of those that responded are running solo
·        55% of those that responded would like small group meetups
·        68% of those that responded would like in person training
·        Responses were split evenly on virtual races
We hear you! Nothing would make us happier than to bring back racing and training. Unfortunately, with the rise in numbers, it is not an option at this time as we are unable to obtain permits from the County. In the meantime, we are currently offering virtual Winter 5k training and will be starting virtual half-marathon training with the new year. 
Stay positive, this will pass and we will be back training and racing in person before you know it!
Eva Coale
President, Annapolis Striders

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Update On Early 2021 Races
Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Annapolis Striders is making alterations to its early 2021 race schedule.
  • The Eternal Winter 6-Hour Run is on! This race is already full. Any questions about this race should be directed to Eternal Winter.
  • The Valentine’s 5K will be transitioned to a free, no-frills virtual race. This race will not count towards the Championship Series rankings. This will be the graduation run for the current Beginners 5K training program.
  • The B&A Marathon and Half Marathon is currently postponed. Once pandemic restrictions ease such that we can obtain permits with Anne Arundel County to safely hold a large event, we will revisit the scheduling of this race. We do hope to hold the 30th running of this race. Regardless we are currently holding a Half marathon training program program for those interested in working up to half-marathon distance or improving their time.
  • Cherry Pit 10 Mile Race is also projected to be a virtual race. If virtual, this race will not count towards the Championship Series rankings but it will have a race premium (for a fee.)
The next race on the schedule after the Cherry Pit 10 Miler is Dawson’s Father Day 10K in June. It is our hope that we can hold this race in-person.
For those who look forward to the Championship Series rankings to resume, we also hope that we will begin scoring the series this year. The Championship Series Rules  accommodate races that we are unable to hold. If the Father’s Day 10K, is the first Championship Series race we hold this year, then the scoring will begin with that race.
Stay healthy and safe out there.
-Annapolis Striders

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In accordance with the Annapolis Striders
by-laws, the Nominating and Board Development Committee presents the following slate of officers to the general membership:
Nominations for the Annapolis Striders
Board of Directors
President: Eva Coale
Vice President of Administration: Richard Aulbach
Vice President of Races: Larry Puglisi
Vice President of Programs and Education: Lee Crumbaugh
Treasurer: Darrell Mak
Secretary: Lauren Colvin
Director of the Annapolis 10 Mile Run: Bob Cawood/ Casey Rayburg
Director of the B&A Trail Marathon and Half Marathon: Joshua Harriman/Christian Zazzali
Directors (2022)
Kim Burke
Steve Mitchell
Brian Robinson
Jimmy Wilson
Directors (2023)
Dewitt Kneass
Dan Mandeville
Bob Smith
Carrye Massey
Henry Schut

For sale
Interested in purchasing Annapolis Striders merchandise? Contact our Merchandise Chairperson for availability. Payment options include PayPal, cash, or check with local (contactless) delivery (optional shipping also available). 
The Eternal Winter 6-Hour Run
The run is still scheduled for Saturday,
January 30, 2021 at 8am. The race provides food and monetary support for the local Lighthouse Shelter.
Registration is closed.
We could use a volunteer or two to help break down the course at 2pm.

Annapolis Striders membership is required to participate in these training programs. There is no fee for the training programs but you must register. 
Additional information about training programs may be found on the Annapolis Striders website.

2021 Beginning Runners Winter Warriors 5K
Virtual Training
December 8, 2020 – February 13, 2021
January 4, 2021 — March 27, 2021

A big THANK YOU to Carrye Massey for coordinating these gatherings for the past five years!

Meet & Greet Your Fellow Members at our Monthly Annapolis Striders Socials
Best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year!!
Location, location, location-please tell us your favorite outdoor location. We are preparing for 2021!! Save the Dates…your 2021 Annapolis Striders Socials are the 2nd Thursday of Each Month from 6:30pm-8:30pm with the locations to be determined: February 11, March 11, April 8, May 13, June 10, July 8, August 12, September 9, October 14, November 11 and December 9. Your ideas are welcomed and encouraged; please alert Carrye Massey, 410-627-8246.
January 14, 2021please enjoy your favorite restaurant with a carry out order; cheers to you and the Annapolis Striders!! 

See “quick links” above to submit a race.

Any runners interested in this opportunity?
I am a PhD candidate that is studying GI issues during running and how to reduce them. One of my dissertation studies involves having runners do 5-minutes of simple breathing exercises each day for 4 weeks and performing a few measurements (surveys, heart rate measures, etc.). As I am sure you can imagine, completing a dissertation in 2020 has been a challenge and I am looking for help! I’ve provided a recruitment flyer that outlines the study and the criteria for participating. Any help you could give would be very much appreciated!
I’d be happy to answer any questions about the study or provide additional information about what it involves. 
Alex Ehlert
PhD Student – Applied Kinesiology
Dept of Human Movement Sciences
Old Dominion University

Please remember that ALL Annapolis Striders members are welcome at our monthly Board Meetings, the first Tuesday of each month 7:00 pm. Meetings are currently virtual
2021 Meetings:
February 2nd, March 2nd, April 6th, May 4th, June 1st, July 6th, August 3rd, September 7th, October 5th, November 2nd, December 7th..
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