Message to 2020 B&A Runners and Volunteers

B&A Marathon, Half Marathon and Volunteers:

The rapid and unprecedented reaction to the spreading of the Covid-19 virus has affected everyone.  School and college closures, NBA, NCAA, NHL, MLS, dozens of other races, big and small, are cancelling or postponing events. 

Yesterday, the Maryland Department of Health made the correct decision to disallow our event.  Today, the Anne Arundel County Board of Education issued a statement indicating that no outside groups will be permitted use in indoor public school facilities.

Our race starts and ends in a public high school and requires the coordination and participation of dozens of County police officers and medical personnel, hundreds of well-meaning volunteers, and is attended by 1,100+ runners from over 30 different states.  

In that context, it is easy to understand and agree with the Department of Health and the Anne Arundel County Board of Education decisions. 

In order to advise the participants as soon as possible, including those travelling from  out-of-town, the Annapolis Striders sent a brief message, within 10 minutes of being notified, cancelling the race as directed by the authorities.  

We are an all-volunteer, non-profit club of runners, hosting races for runners.   We do it because it makes better communities and citizens, and because we enjoy the fellowship and sense of achievement the events create.  

We start our preparations for the B&A months in advance; the medals, premiums, permits, awards, supplies are pre-paid and non-refundable.    

In the coming weeks, after we settle all financial obligations, we will make the decision about what comes next, including making premiums available to the runners. 

We thank you for your patience and understanding.  

Race Directors, B&A Marathon and B&A Half Marathon

Congratulations B&A Marathon and Half Marathon Finishers!

Race Photos now available!

Thanks to the Herculean efforts of our volunteer photographers, race photos are now available for download. These photos are made available free for non-commercial, personal purposes; public/promotional/commercial use is not permitted without specific permission from the photographers. Go to our results page to get the links to the photos by course location.

B&A Marathon and ½ Marathon finishers:

Thank you for participating in another successful race; it was great to hear so many positive comments and warm wishes.

Many runners familiar with the course may have noticed the mile markers seemed off. This was due entirely to a course error in the first mile in which the runners were allowed to proceed directly from the Start onto Evergreen Road, instead of turning left onto Robinson Road We immediately recognized the error and where able to make the necessary adjustments to the course by adding distance to the ½ marathon mid- point turn-around and an extension in the school parking lot. The effort was validated by dozens of runners’ GPS, which recorded the ½ and full marathon at very slightly longer than the required distance.

We have already begun the process of officially certifying the distances for both races and will send additional updates when the certification results are available.

We regret any anxiety this created for our runners.

Thank you for your patience in this matter,
Christian Zazzali and Joshua Harriman
Co-Race Directors
View race results here.

Attention B&A Marathon and 1/2 Marathon runners, Fans and Volunteers

The Annapolis Striders Race Committee is monitoring the weather very closely. We will attempt to make a definitive announcement regarding the status of the race no later than Noon on Saturday 4/7.

This Announcement will be on the Annapolis Striders Website, the Facebook home page as well as a mass email to all runners on file.

We appreciate the anxiety of the uncertain “weather” situation, and we will do everything in our power to communicate all information as soon as we know it.

B&A Marathon and Half Marathon Medals

All medals were ordered on Monday 3/27, the current ship date is 4/17 with expected arrival to us on 20th.  We will immediately mail them to the registration address of all runners who completed the half marathon and didn’t receive a medal.

Congratulation on finishing and thank you for your understanding and patience.

B&A Marathon and Half Marathon Race Directors,
Christian and Josh

Congratulations B&A Half Marathon and Marathon Finishers

Congratulations to all runners of the B&A Half Marathon and Marathon.  Check out the results page to review results, awards, and race pictures. Also many thanks to the volunteers that helped make this race a success.

This year so many participants signed up in the last week of registration and during the expo that in the end, we exceeded last year’s number of finishers by 28%. The downside is that 4% of the finishers were unable to receive a medal because we ran out! The Annapolis Striders will be working to ensure that these finishers get their medals and race premiums. If you have concerns please email the race directors at

Pictured: Nicolas Crouzier, Male Marathon winner; Hannah Cocchiaro, Female Marathon winner; Sam Phipps, Male Half Marathon winner; Liz Starks, Female Half Marathon Winner.  Photos courtesy of Jon Valentine.

B&A Marathon and Half Marathon

The B&A Trail Marathon & Half-Marathon is a fast, fun, well-supported, and low-pressure event along the B&A Trail. The Annapolis Striders held the first B&A Trail Marathon in 1992 and added the half marathon in 1996.

Race History

Marathon Half Marathon
1992 David Lieb
Rose Malloy – 3:02:08 Master’s Record
1993 Rob Marino
Meredith Bonta
1994 Mark Jones
Leann Myhre
1995 Mark Jones
Jennifer Sullivan
1996 Mark Jones
Kay Carver
Robert Marino
Carole Rosasco
Rose Malloy – 1:26:34 Master’s Record
1997 Mark Jones
Lauren Kearney
Joe Link – 2:46:27 Master’s Record
Kevin Geesaman
Carole Rosasco
1998 Mark Jones
Jennifer Sullivan
Kevin Geesaman – 1:10:26 Course Record
Kristen Adelman
Robert Marino – 1:11:59 Master’s Record
1999 Mark Jones
Jennifer Sullivan
Robert Marino
Christina Morganti
2000 David Luljak
Jennifer Sullivan
Kevin Geesaman
Christina Morganti – 1:22:43 Course Record
2001 Michael Wardian
Susan Baehre
Lindsey Steele
Doris Windsand-Dausman
2002 Troy Harrison
Juliana Harris
Kevin Geesaman
Monica Grillo
2003 Race canceled due to snow
2004 Matt Mace
Jennifer Sullivan
Mike Woodman
Megan Holden
2005 Paul Rades
Feng Sun – 2:59:59 Course Record
Mike Woodman
Aimee Baylor
2006 Paul Rades – 2:29:44
Alison Jeffs
Wallace Miller
Christina Morganti
2007 Michael Wardian – 2:25:30 CR
Amanda Beal
James Snyder
Elizabeth Blom
2008 Phil Lang – 2:53:16
Molly Hyde – 3:18:12
Steve Jacobs – 1:14:44
Rebecca Nathan – 1:27:51
2009 Justin Fritzius 2:40:46
Brittney Rooks 3:21:58
Matt Fortin 1:13:06
Jacklyn Truncellito 1:24:13
2010 Jeff Shadley 2:40:18
Dorothy Beal 3:21:07
Justin Fritzius 1:14:25
Tricia Shaw 1:33:55
2011 Karsten Brown – 2:44:52
Traci Falbo – 3:16:33
Paul Hill – 1:11:55
Lara Bzik – 1:27:27
2012 Eddie Munoz – 2:49:04
Dorothy Beal – 3:11:28
Paul Hill – 1:09:58
Ruth Bates – 1:26:09
2013 David Haaga – 2:45:32
Amanda An – 3:20:14
Steve Russell – 1:21:51
Kaitlyn Govatos – 1:28:58
2014 Cillian Lynch – 2:54:26
Colleen Carroll – 3:31:15
Tim Maxon – 1:17:02
Katie Ogden – 1:24:45
2015 Nick Scerbo – 2:46:48
Annie-Norah Beverid – 2:58:03
Brad Holzwart – 1:14:38
Pam Szymanski – 1:24:45
2016 Jake Gillette – 2:43:08
Laura Gillette – 3:05:17
Andrew Madison – 1:14:06
Elisabeth Tauber – 1:25:07
2017 Nicolas Crouzier – 2:31:43
Hannah Cocchiaro – 3:04:52
Sam Phipps – 1:18:18
Liz Starks – 1:22:34
2018 Matt Bender – 2:43:56
Gabrielle McKenzie – 3:07:12
Jack Huntress – 1:16:56
Mary Reiser – 1:20:49
2019 Britt Kern – 2:54:22
Nicole Dawson – 3:19:46
Jack Huntress – 1:15:52
Liz Starks – 1:21:13