Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the benefits of an Annapolis Striders membership?

Check out this list of benefits for members.

Why do I not appear in the Champ Series Standings?

  • You need to be a member before the first race of the year, the Valentine’s 5k.
  • If your membership expires during the year and is not renewed, you will not be scored for any race beyond the expiration.
  • If you have a valid membership before the Valentines 5k and still do not show up in the standings, contact the Championship Series Coordinator.

Can you put my race on your website?

We use our website for our own club races, however we include notices about races in our community in our biweekly newsletter. If you would like us to include your community race in our newsletter, please submit details of your race using our community race form.

I recently ran a non-Striders race and I want to share my race result in the On-the-Road section of the Streak. How do I submit my result.

Submit your result for publication using this form.

How do I participate in the Champ Series?

All that is required is to have an active membership before the first race of the season (the Valentine’s 5K). After that, you will be automatically included in the standings and given a score when you finish a Champ Series race. As a convenience to members, an option to register for all 8 races of the Championship series is provided before the Valentine’s 5K.

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