All Comers Track Meets

Annapolis Striders All Comers Track Meets: A History

By Dan Masterson

The Annapolis Striders All Comers Track Meets have were started in the early 2000s as a racing venue for newcomers and track veterans of all ages.  The organizer of these meets, Dan Masterson, originally held a couple of track meets in the late 1990s that were not sanctioned by the Annapolis Striders.  Subsequently, the Striders made these meets a part of their regular schedule, usually three meets per season. They have been held in mid-June to early July at the Annapolis High School, where Dan coached the school’s distance runners.  For younger runners, these meets were aimed at beginning runners from the Striders youth program and programs such as “Mighty Milers” and “Girls on the Run.”  For older runners who were primarily road runners, these meets provided an opportunity for them to test their abilities at distance ranging from 100 to 5,000 meters.  For the meets held in 2015 and 2016, Paula Carrigan assumed directorship and the event continued its success.

The meets begin at 6:00 pm, usually on Wednesdays.  This allows for many working runners to attend and avoids the warmest part of the day. For most meets, there are only track events and no field activities, which simplifies the logistics.  Occasionally, hurdle events have been run.  Events are balanced with sprint events, middle distance, and distance races.  The 3000, 3200, and 5000 meter races have always started the meets.  The 100, 200, 400, 800, 1000, and mile events are interspersed with the sprints to allow for rest for the multiple-event distance and middle-distance runners.  The time between events is always ten minutes.

Attendance has often been influenced by the weather (thunderstorms and heat), but a good turnout of 25 to 40 runners has usually been the case.  Recently, northern Anne Arundel County high schools have come with their sprint teams, girls and boys, to keep their skills sharp during the summer offseason.  Until this past year when the Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks added an all comers meet to its schedule, the Annapolis Striders’ All Comers meet was the only one run in Anne Arundel County in the summer months.

Consistent racers in these meets have been Kyle Oslund, Charles Iiliff, Robert Eccles, David Webster, Ted Paulos (from Northern Virginia) Allan Murray , Maurice Pointer and  Perry Rapp.  Perry ran all five events in a meet held in 2009 and Brandon Folio did the same in 2015!  Ages of participants has ranged from four, Meridith Stohl, to 88, when Dixon Hempill ran the mile. Mollie Fen, only ten years old run, ran the 5000 meters in 24.23.99!  Other top performances over the years have been David Lee’s 10.81 100, Mark Westman’s 200 in 22.81 meters, Maurice Pointer’s 17.32 5000 meters, Immanuel Patter’s 400 in 52.8,  and Maurice Pointer’s 4:53.44 in the 1500 meters in 2009 at age 53.  These All Comers meets were also family affairs with parents and children often running in the same heats.  In 2009, five families competed together, the Cranes, Coopers, Frazees, Warthlings and the Kirchers.

In a history of the All Comers Meets, which has never drawn numerous volunteers, Neil Hinkle’s steady and long-term role as a timer and race booster stand out. It would have been difficult to run these meets without Neil’s help.

The All Comers track meets have added diversity and opportunity to the Annapolis Striders race schedule. They have introduced many runners to the intensity and challenge of track racing. All ages and talents were welcome.  Hopefully, these track meet will continue for many more years.

Past Race Details and Results

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