Fall 10K Training 2017

- November 19, 2017

The 10K program is intended to extend the running range of registered participants from a base distance of 2 - 3 miles to a long run of 6.2 miles in just 8 weeks. The training program begins on Tuesday September 26, 2017 and has as its goal preparing registered participants so they can complete the Annapolis Striders Cold Turkey 10K (6.2 miles) on Sunday, November 19, 2017. When & Where: Organized Training Sessions supported by coaches and mentors will be held on:        Tuesdays at 6 pm, and Saturdays at 8 am. On Tuesday evening 26 September, the Training Group will initially meet adjacent the B&A Trail at Arnold Station located at 1460 Ritchie Hwy #112, Arnold, MD 21012, behind Naval Bagels. We’ll run from there on September 26 when the sun sets before 7PM. On the seven Tuesday’s in October and November we’ll meet at Parking Lot B at the rear of the Anne Arundel Community College Campus under the Solar Panels. The Training Program Includes:

  1. The training, support and guidance to successfully prepare participants for a 10K race.
  2. We will train according to a 10K Training Plan that you can download print and use, or fill out on your PC using Excel where weekly and monthly mileage totals are updated automatically.
Prerequisites, Policies, and Recommendations:
  1. Prerequisite: All participants must be a member of the Annapolis Striders.
  2. Recommendation: Participants in the 10K training program should already be able to run continuously for 2-3 miles.
  3. Policy: You must be at least 19 years old to register yourself.
  4. Policy: You must be the parent or legal guardian to register someone under 18 years old. By registering a child under 13, you are consenting to the collection of the child's information you are providing for the purposes of registration.
Training Program Registration Instructions:
    1. Join or renew your Annapolis Striders membership for $25 online at www.active.com
    2. Complete the 10K Training online registration form (parents must sign waiver for participants under 18).
A more detailed Training program announcement with a map, links, and addresses for run locations, and other information about the program will be uploaded before 28 August.  We look forward to running with you.


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