Annapolis High School
June 29, 2011

Total number oF runners was 107 for five events.
This was the best turnout for an opening for this All Comers series.
The age range was 6 years old to 70 years old.
A number of competitors ran all five events.
The weather was in the low 80’s with low humidity, ideal racing weather.

3000 Meter Run
NameGenderAgeFinish Time
Nathan BickellM209:26.87(Overall Winner)
Cameron GervinM199:35.69
Richard PinedaM189:53.95
Perry RappM4510:25.38
Robert EcclesM2911:31
David WebsterM5812:38.32
Debby YoungF4012:30.94(Women’s Leader)
Paul KamaraM1712:32.06
Mike BurkeM5213:36.01
Matthew O’BrienM1314:58.06
Colleen MooreF2615:05.94
Kristin KoblishF5316:16.94

100 Meters Heat 1
NameGenderAgeFinish Time
Travis SmootM717:01
Dashawm KellerM618.37
Preston LauriaM720.14
Julia CalvertF721.00

100 Meters Heat 2
NameGenderAgeFinish Time
Alonzo HayesM815.98
Marshall HallM816.53
D’Kuan KellerM917.68
Jessica CalvertF818.27
Tamir WilsonM819:04
Esa GodwinF819.75

100 Meters Heat 3
NameGenderAgeFinish Time
Jaina McLeanF1412:58(Women’s Winner)
Ebony GervinF1613.40
Isaiah BarrosM1214.13
Nyorjae SpriggsM1215.09
Richard DionM1215.75
Tanija YouviencoF1016.44
Joseph YouviencoM1218.59

100 Meters Heat 4
NameGenderAgeFinish Time
Cameron HoughM1211:46
Marquell GervinM1312:20
Kiam BurtonM1212.84
Julian MorrisM1213.38
Trey GrossM1214.21
Matthew O’BrienM1317.23

100 Meters Heat 5
NameGenderAgeFinish Time
Garret PeggM1711:21(Overall Winner)
Richard PinedaM1811:69
Shane DavisM1912:18
Charles IliffM3712.65
Alan MurrayM4814.56
Perry RappM4516.03

Mile Run
NameGenderAgeFinish Time
David StricklandM154:51.35(Overall Winner)
Richard PinedaM185:02.82
James AndersonM515:04.11
Dennis ColemanM535:10.53
Marquell GervinM135:30.91
Peter TangoM475:31.56
Perry RappM455:34.68
Robert EcclesM295:41.73
Cuzembe AtoM146:28.44
Paul KamaraM176:37.17
John BenkertM706:38.35
Mitchell LongM87:17.72
Chase HarnessM97:48.84
Jessica CalvertF88:25.62
Julia CalvertF710:28.38
JiM CalvertM4010:29.23

400 Meters Heat 1
NameGenderAgeFinish Time
Ferrando TempleM81:26.91
Alonzo HayesM81:27.73
Marshall HallM81:33:10
Jessica CalvertF81:34.80
Travis SmootM71:36:09
Sydney LauriaF91:46:37
Da’Quan KellerM91:47.56
Esa GodwinF82:01.21

400 Meters Heat 2
NameGenderAgeFinish Time
Alan MurrayM481:12.89
JiM MilkoM421:17.19
Robert EcclesM291:19.67
Mike BurkeM521:20.59
Colleen MooreF261:21.33
Kate CoulterF461:32.91
Kristin KolblishF531:41.79

400 Meters Heat 3
NameGenderAgeFinish Time
Sam LomaxM3654.85(Overall Winner)
Charles IliffM3756.82
Rich JonesM4358.43
Shane DavisM191:04.38
Peter TangoM471:07.28
Perry RappM451:16.79

400 Meters Heat 4
NameGenderAgeFinish Time
Richard PinedaM1857.40
David StricklandM1558.97
Garrett PeggM171:04.39
Julian MorrisM141:07.55
Paul KamaraM171:08.50
Jaina McLeanF141:09.59(Women’s Winner)
Ebony GervinF161:10.22
Cuzembe AtoM141:11.01

800 Meters Heat 1
NameGenderAgeFinish Time
Marquell GervinM132:30.81
Ebony GervinF163:11.76
Matthew O’BrienM133:17.11
Mitchell LongM83:17.81
Travis SmootM73:19.94
Chase HarnessM93:37.36

800 Meters Heat 2
NameGenderAgeFinish Time
Cameron GervinM182:05(Overall Winner)
Sam LomaxM362:18.26
Richard PinedaM182:24.21
Dennis ColemanM532:25.48
Richard JonesM432:26.79
Charles IliffM372:27.49
Perry RappM452:35.96
Peter TangoM472:38.07
Debbie YoungM402:40.53
JiM CalvertM402:50.11
Allan MurrayM482:55.79
Mike BurkeM523:06.78