1976 Annapolis 10 Mile Run Results

Sunday August 29, 1976 at 5:00 AM

The Truth, the Whole Truth – well, close enough! Recollections of the first Annapolis 10-Miler

As the 35th Annual Annapolis 10-Miler approaches, we feel compelled to correct a few inaccuracies and misconceptions. The race, which started from humble beginnings, has evolved into one of the Top Six Ten-Milers (selected by Runner’s World), boasting 5,000 runners and countless volunteers.

The idea of an organized race to Annapolis was born after seven friends answered a challenge to run to Annapolis from Severna Park. A casual remark at a party where the men, who had been involved in athletics since childhood couldn’t fathom that women aspiring to be Aerobic Dance instructors could possibly be fit enough to run ten miles. How much time elapsed between the challenge and the actual run comes into question – was it the next day, was it a few days, or was it a week? Memories fade and tales grow; but there was enough time to roughly organize the run.

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Race Results