2020 John Wall Memorial One Mile Track Run

Our 38th year!

Saturday, November 7, 2020 at 8:00 AM

Bates Athletic Complex – Weems Whelan Field
935 Spa Road
Annapolis, MD 21401 United States

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Participation in this race is limited to members that pre-registered for the 2020 Champ Series races. Do not show up for this race if you did not sign up for all the races at the beginning of 2020 prior to the Valentines Day 5K. No race morning registration will be provided and we will not be taking any other registrations.

If you did register for all the champ series races and are interested in running the John Wall Mile Track Race, then please read all the race information that follows. Following the race day instructions is imperative for the Striders to run a safe event for all.

Generally, keep these guidelines in mind: Arrive with enough time before your designated heat time based on the below table to get your packet and go through warm-up maneuvers, run your heat, then please leave the track. Do not linger or congregate in groups before or after your heat.

Heat Schedule

Heat # Time Anticipated Pace
1 8:00AM 12:00 and slower
2 8:20AM 10:30 and slower
3 8:40AM 10:00 and slower
4 8:55AM 9:15 and slower
5 9:10AM 9:00 and slower
6 9:25AM 8:30 and slower
7 9:40AM 8:00 and slower
8 9:55AM 7:40 and slower
9 10:10AM 7:25 and slower
10 10:25AM 7:10 and slower
11 10:40AM 7:00 and slower
12 10:55AM 6:50 and slower
13 11:10AM 6:30 and slower
14 11:25AM 6:00
15 11:40AM 5:50
16 11:50AM 5:00

Race Registration

This event is available only to Annapolis Striders members that registered for all Champ Series races in 2020 prior to the Valentines Day 5K.

If you registered for the 2020 Champ Series races earlier this year, there is nothing else you need to do. A race packet will be prepared and ready for you to do this run.

Otherwise, any further registration for this race is closed.

Registration is closed.

Packet Pickup

Race packets consisting of your race number, safety pins, and assigned timing chip will be available. The goal is to minimize the number of volunteers required to get racers their race packets and to minimize the amount of handling of the packets. Details are still being finalized. Please return to this page for specific instructions on how to claim your race packet before your heat.


This race will be run on the 4x440 track at the Bates Athletic Complex. This means that four complete loops will comprise a mile (instead of 4 complete loops and some change when we use South River or Annapolis High School track).

Races will be run as a series of heats. Each heat is based on the predicted pace of the runners in the heat and will have a scheduled start time. To keep the distribution of runners within public health guidelines, please do your best to pick the right heat for your intended race pace. Please do not "sandbag" i.e. showing up to the 10-minute paced heat and cranking out a sub-7 mile or, less commonly, show up to the 6:00 pace group and run a 15 minute mile. Unexpected bad and good days happen to us all that may make your heat selection not perfect, but don't show up to a slower heat to ensure "winning" it (that's not how the awards will work), or pick a heat because it suits into your Saturday schedule or it fits some other preference not based on your pace. The race heat schedule is being determined by past race performances and finishing time distributions to keep our group size within public health rules as well to provide a competitive experience for racers against others with similar times.

The number of participants in a heat will be limited to 10-12 racers per heat. Heats will be announced 4 minutes in advance. Please pay attention to announcements and what's happening on the track as the schedule will be brisk. If more than 10-12 racers arrive for a heat, the heat will be split up (so again, please don't sandbag your time to reduce the number of people waiting to run and to keep the schedule predictable).

Race Conditions

If you prefer the weather for the Downs Park 5 Miler to the typical mugginess of July when this race is normally run, you are in luck! Average weather for November 7 in Annapolis has lows in the mid-40s and highs in the low 60s.

Check Annapolis weather.


Timing by MD Timing. Please contact Nut Hall with any questions concerning timing of this race. There will be one mat laid across the track at the start finish line. This will allow the timers to capture the start time and the finish time for each competitor. We will also be getting each quarter mile split which will be shared in the results. There will be a clock on the start finish line that will be set to that heats running time. The Start finish line will also have that area roped off so that the area is isolated. Once the runners are done they will exit the track to the inside and turn in their timing chip.

Aid Stations

No food or drink will be provided.  Please bring anything you might need before or after your run with you.  Lingering at the track before or after your heat is highly discouraged.

Race Rules

  1. Please follow the race and course instructions from volunteers and the race timers to ensure a safe event.

  2. Each athlete will run in their selected heat only once, with heats going slowest to fastest across the morning as indicated by the schedule above.

  3. Please warm up in the corral area near the starting line 4 - 5 minutes before the heat starts.

  4. Basically: show up, do your run, then please turn in your timing chip and leave.


There will be no awards assembly for this race. Awards will be given out a later time and the award winners will be posted through our race timer as well as this site. Please do not linger after you run for an award.

Awards are given out to Overall Male/Female, Masters, 10 and under, 11-14 years and then 5 year age groups.


Please contact the race director to volunteer for this race. It is possible to both run and volunteer.  Keep in mind that volunteers and non-atheletes will be expected to be masked.


Email JohnWallMile@annapolisstriders.org to contact the race director.

Race Director
Lee Crumbaugh