News from our September Social

Thank you to everyone who attended our September social and A-10 graduation celebration at Sam’s on the Waterfront, located at 2020 Chesapeake Harbour Dr. East, Annapolis, MD 21403. Stellar, outdoor evening at Sam’s Waterfront and the weather cooperated with the rain holding off giving the A10 graduation celebration a blast and a big welcome to the Cold Turkey 10K Coaches and class! Thank you to Leslie Sparks for the photographs and thank you and shout out to Andrew Parks, Owner, for reserving our space.

Coach David Dold enjoying his evening and A10 training celebration!!
Donna Hatcher and Leslie Spangler ran happy!!
Leslie Spangler, Coach Amy Farkas Andrews (Coach Cold Turkey 10K class & Co-Race Director Cold Turkey 10K), Kathleen Hanson, Coach Paul Thorn (Coach Cold Turkey 10K), & Donna Hatcher
Matt Dell, Brady Roben Crone and Fred Yen….who loves Plowon Energy Gum?!