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A letter from Annapolis Striders President,
Eva Coale

Message to our Members
September 24, 2021
I was hopeful that 2021 would NOT be like 2020. That when the clock struck 12 on New Year’s Eve there would be a reset and life would return to the way it was pre Covid-19. It didn’t happen. Unlike 2020, we have been able to obtain some race permits and host some races. Some have made money, some have broken even, and others have cost us. Luckily, the club is financially sound and we are surviving.
That being said, our purpose is to improve the physical fitness and mental well-being of our members through the promotion and encouragement of long-distance running. Our purpose is NOT to make money.
Yes, our race participant numbers are low. Yes, sometimes the volunteers outnumber the participants. Yes, sometimes it costs more than we collect in registration fees. Yes, we WILL encounter issues when hosting a race; but, that’s nothing new. 
We have 4 races remaining for 2021.  Please click the links for more information and registration.
Metric Marathon – October 3rd
Downs Park 5 Miler – November 6th
Rosaryville Veterans Day 50K – November 13th    
Anniversary Run 15K – December 12th
YES, we WILL have the champ series in 2022 along with our other races. Please be patient as I am certain we will encounter issues along the way. 
YES, we need volunteers to assist with races and training in order to keep the programs going. If you are interested, please reach out! If we all think someone else will take care of it, then no one ever will. Be brave, you’re a runner! You can do anything you put your mind to doing! 😊
We will get back to pre Covid-19 life; but it will be a SLOW return. We are continuing to promote and encourage running via our training programs and our races and, when YOU are ready, we are here!
Run safe!

Annapolis Striders | P.O. Box 187, Annapolis, MD 21404
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