Training Program Update

Fellow runners

We were hopeful that the health situation would rapidly improve and we would be able to conduct the 5k and 10k trainings as scheduled. Unfortunately, that has not occurred and the Board determined that, in the best interest of our members, we will be canceling the trainings. We will ask the coaches to email the training schedule to those persons that have registered for training. In addition, it is the our intent to continue with group trainings as soon as the situation allows. In other words, please follow the training schedule so that when group runs commence, you will be ready. 😀

Registration will remain open for the 5K and 10K training programs so members can sign up to get training schedules. Reach out to the coach email aliases and training facebook groups with questions, stories, and concerns.

Stay healthy!

June 27, 2017

I will be away June 27 and July 11, but I encourage you to run track those evenings (but take July 4 off to celebrate!). The workouts will start on Bates track, Maryland Hall side, at 6:45 pm. Come warmed up or you can do a 2-mile out-and-back warm-up with Naptown Running Buddies at 6 pm from the Maryland Hall parking lot. The workouts are in the photo. Kristin, Kevin and other vets can help new people read the code and lead.

Winter 5K Training starts November 27th

Our Winter 5K training program for beginning runners starts on November 27th.  Come join us!

Whether you are new to running or trying to return to running, this is a program for you. This class is intended for all who are looking to “get off the couch with no running experience at all” and do a 5K (3.1 miles) distance.

Please join as a member and come run with us. Our training programs are a free benefit to members. Session and registration information may be found at Winter 5K Training page.


Moore’s Marines Marathon Training

Come join our 17+ week Moore’s Marines Marine Corps Marathon Training Program targeting the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon (and training for the Baltimore Marathon and other marathons, too)!

Half Marathon

A 12-week build-up program for half marathon runners.

This low-key program will guide the participants from a base of 6 miles up to a long run of 14 miles in 12 weeks. The goal will be for all who complete the program to be able to complete the Striders B&A Trail Half Marathon on Sunday, March 20, 2016 or an alternative half marathon around the same timeframe. You must sign up for the race on your own. They CLOSE OUT so sign up early!