Fellow runners

We were hopeful that the health situation would rapidly improve and we would be able to conduct the 5k and 10k trainings as scheduled. Unfortunately, that has not occurred and the Board determined that, in the best interest of our members, we will be canceling the trainings. We will ask the coaches to email the training schedule to those persons that have registered for training. In addition, it is the our intent to continue with group trainings as soon as the situation allows. In other words, please follow the training schedule so that when group runs commence, you will be ready. 😀

Stay healthy!

2020 Winter Half Marathon Training

The Official Training Plan starts on 12-28 with a Saturday Long Run.

For those interested in the performance aspect of the program, there is a training plan that includes optional performance oriented workouts that include speed work, tempo runs and hill work.

2019 Fall 10K Training Program

The Fall 10K Program offers an excellent opportunity to extend the range you developed during the spring 5K program, to a distance that’s excellent for general fitness and establishing a base required for extended distances like the Half Marathon. We are excited to share what we know about running as a regular form of fitness; but moreover, we’re just excited to run with a new group of people doing something we love. Grab a friend and join us…