5K Beginning Runners

Come join our “get off the couch” program for beginning runners!

Whether you are new to running or trying to return to running, this is a program for you. This class is intended for all who are looking to “get off the couch with no running experience at all” and do a 5K (3.1 miles) distance.

The Spring (starting in late April) and Winter (starting in late November) 5k Beginning Runners Program is a ten week run/walk program starting with a week one, 1 minute run, 2 minute walk over 20 minutes, three times a week with a gradual increase of running time of about 1 minute a week until week ten with a 20 minutes continuous run. Pre-run dynamic warm up exercises and walk with a post-run cool-down walk, static stretches are included.  The graduation race goal is the Women’s Distance Festival and Run After the Women 5K (Spring-held in July) or the Valentine’s 5K (Winter-held in February) . Race fees are separate and NOT included in membership fees, and participation in those races is not required to join the training program.. A race preview run is available to participants the weekend before the race.

Please join us next time. Details for the next session will be posted to this page when registration opens.

Program Prerequisites

Participants should be capable of walking briskly for 20 minutes and should check with their health care professional prior to starting any fitness program.

Membership Requirement

Annapolis Striders training classes are a free benefit for members. In order to participate in this training class, you must have a current membership. You may become a member or renew an existing membership online. If you have signed up as a member (or are already a member), also register for the training with the registration method for upcoming session below. Training coaches will not accept membership signups or training registrations in-person at training sessions.


Complete a 5K (3.1 miles) race.

Program Features

The Program features discussions on shoes, running attire and gear, proper running form, hill work, heart rate zones, injury prevention, runner’s safety, nutrition, and cross training.
This training has concluded for the season. Please join us next time!
Questions about this training program? Please email vp_training@annapolisstriders.org.