2020 Endless Summer Registration Update

Dear ES6 Family,

We hope this note finds you and yours well out there in this uncertain time of collective adversity. As race directors, our utilitarian aim is to anticipate and plan accordingly for contingencies in order to a) create an experience and b) lookout for the safety of all participants, staff, and volunteers involved. Working through a global pandemic was just above zombie outbreaks on the list of likelihoods—yet we are here.

In keeping with the premise we wanted to communicate with you—the confirmed participants, those potential registrants, and the cadre of folks comprising our volunteers—about our current thoughts and potential courses of action. While the race is several months away, we realize there is a high probability that the constraints, in dealing with COVID-19, will remain in effect come race day. As many race-day safeguards as we can employ (social distancing on-course/aid-stations, separate food baggies for grab-and-go, hand-sanitizer baths, etc.), we cannot 100% guarantee the prevention of transmission. No later than 30-May-2020, we will publish a final determination for the 10th annual event. Provided below are possible courses of action we are evaluating:

  1. Continue with the event as-is given a vaccination is produced and the number of confirmed cases is reduced. We are not holding our breaths for this to occur by the end of July.
  2. Postpone the event for a later date.
    • We lose the summer aspect of this event. But for our die-hard returnees out there, it provides the possibility of running this event this year.
    • An alternate date would be coordinated with the Annapolis Striders in conjunction with the overall race schedule and resource provisions.
  3. Continue the event in a virtual format.
    • All registrants would simply need to run for 6-hours on a course (trail, road, treadmill, backyard, bedroom, etc.) of their choosing.
    • Upon conclusion, each entrant would be required to send their GPX files/Garmin Connect/Strava/etc links to the RDs for verification. Yes, this will require GPS capability.
    • Race premiums and finisher awards would be mailed upon completion of verification. (Note: AG/OA awards would be excluded due to the variance in courses available/chosen by each participant.)
  4. Cancel the 2020 event. While not ideal, be prepared to proceed as this being the most probable action. Each entrant would have the option of:
    • Requesting a refund.
    • Requesting a deferment with their 2020 entry fee covering their entry for 2021.
    • Considering their entry fee a donation to the Semper Fi Fund.

Currently, we have enacted a new feature to the registration: pausing credit card processing. In essence, this creates a virtual waitlist of those interested in running the event from now moving forward. This means that if you are not already registered, and are thinking about signing up, you can put your name on the waitlist at no cost to you. If the race is canceled, you will not have spent any money. If the race is able to proceed, you will receive an email being invited to complete registration at that time.

In the meantime, wash your hands and wash your derrieres. Please do your part and if you get outside, move smartly. As always, we appreciate your time.

Stay motivated,

Mosi, John, & Steve