2020 Endless Summer – It’s a go!

Dear ES6 Family,

We are on for the 10th edition to occur Saturday, August 29th. We will be practicing the following contact-free safeguards that will provide reasonable prevention of exposure to the virus and allow for a safe experience for all participants:

  1. Greenbury Point would be restricted to only runners and limited race management personnel. No support crews nor spectators allowed.  A volunteer will be stationed on the main road verifying cars and runners.
  2. Screening of all participants upon arrival at Greenbury Point will be documented.
    • As runners arrive and while still in their cars, their names will be verified against the registration list.
    • They would be asked whether they have experienced COVID 19 symptoms or been around anyone who has in the last two weeks. Answers will be recorded.
    • Their temperature would be taken. Anyone with a temperature above 100.4 F would be refused access to Greenbury Point and instructed to leave and to contact their physician and seek medical advice.
  3. Runners would only be allowed to use Portable Toilets and hand washing stations provided, not the facilities at Greenbury Point.
    • Runners would be required to use the Portable Hand Washing Stations prior to and after using the Portable Toilets.
    • Portable Toilets would be cleaned – sprayed with disinfectant – after every use.
  4. Contact Free Race procedures
    • Runners will be required to cover their mouth and nose, with a face cover (Buff, mask, etc.), at all times prior to start and immediately upon finishing.
    • Runners will be instructed to exercise social distancing at all times, even while running.
    • Runners will stay to the right of the path/trail while running and announce themselves when intending to pass another runner.
    • Race packets contact free. Prior to the race, packets will be laid out in an area separate from one another, with only one person at a time allowed to retrieve a packet.
    • No aid will be provided to runners. They will be required to provide their own aid from their vehicles during the race. 
    • Vehicles will be parked end to end to ensure social distancing.
    • A corral and wave system will be used:
      • 10 runners at a time will line up in a corral with lines separating individuals into six foot sections.  
      • Runners will start one at a time separated by 10 seconds each.
      • Event timing will be provided without any contact necessary by runners.
      • Awards will be mailed or laid out in an area similar to race packets separate from one another, with only one person at a time allowed to retrieve an award. 

Other contact-free safeguards may be established so that we can still hold the event. We will keep you updated as we progress. We appreciate your time. Please go to the race webpage for more details and more updates.

Stay motivated,

Mosi, John, & Steve