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A Running Club in Annapolis Maryland that promotes physical fitness and mental well-being through long-distance running. Established in 1978.

A10 2009 Start

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Welcome To The Annapolis Ten Mile Run Archives

1976first partyWe hope you will enjoy reading about the first race and seeing some pictures from that event. We thank the first seven participants for sharing their story and for starting a late summer tradition in Annapolis. For each of the other races we've included photos of premiums, news accounts, and when possible complete results which have usually been scanned in such a way to be searchable.
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The Streak, published by the Annapolis Striders for its members, is the source of many of the articles that appear on this site. We are indebted to the many volunteers who have worked on the Streak through the years. Without the effort of Streak editors and writers we would not have the accounts of race directors, runners, and volunteers to share with you.

This site contains material which was previously published by The Capital and Runner's Gazette and is used here with their permission. Both The Capital and Runner's Gazette have covered the Annapolis Ten-Mile Run and other running events in the region for many years. Their support has greatly enriched this effort to bring you an electronic history of the Annapolis Run.
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